Biogas and Biomass Plants

The C.M.P. Ltd. is able to provide a turnkey package of biogas plants . From Design to Realization , the CMP provides a next-generation plant for the production of electricity , the result of the degradation in the absence of oxygen (a process called anaerobic digestion ) , of various organic substances by a number of bacteria . 


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Plant Anaerobic digestion

Az. Agricola Antiarrigoni Stefano

Loc. Olmo 37050

Ronco All' Adige (VR)

Plant Anaerobic digestion

Soc. Agr.Cà Bianchina

Via Frattina - 44049

Vigarano Mainarda (FE)

Plant Anaerobic digestion

Soc. Agr. Pascolone

Via Pascolone

44123 - Casaglia di Ferrara

Plant Anaerobic digestion

Fondo Isolone

29010 San Giuliano di Castelvetro Piacentino (PC)